About ME

My Name is Thomas Hormaza, I am a Digital Marketing guy

Marketing Professional devoted to always finding the powerful equilibrium between analytics and creativity. I am passionate about leading Marketing Teams, enhancing ROI by deploying Data-Driven Digital Tactics, Strategies and Innovation. When I am not blogging about Marketing I like to volunteer my free time for worthy causes, play guitar, video games on Xbox, and I try to write books. I live in Montréal with my lovely wife.


  • Technology
  • Creativity


Description of Work

Over a decade of experience serving in Marketing and Management for local and international firms such as Active Marketing, Catalyst Canada GroupM, Bell, Microsoft, Yellow Pages, Ericsson

Analytics & Programmatic

Research in data relationships, econometrics, analytics, RTB, DMP, DSP, SSP, automated marketing and growth hacking. Active in French Marketing. Contact me at Search Marketing

Creativity & Worthy Causes

I had the privilege to volunteer my time over ten years to contribute to the Documentary Film "Recyclage" (Recycling the human spirit) to help homeless regain dignity through employment

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